Randolph's Grin return with second single of VAMPIRE MODE - "WITCH"

Randolph's Grin is back with the second single of their current E.P. "Vampire Mode" - "WITCH".

"Witch" is the second single of their "classic monster" inspired EP, which incorporates a few of the most beloved horrors of our time. Again, as the band already did for "VAMPIRE", Randolph's Grin released the single with a "classic horror movie" themed music video - based on italian director Mario Bavas classic "Black Sunday" (La maschera del demonio) from 1960 - a masterpiece of its own.   

The single is available for download and streams on all digital platforms and includes the exclusive remixes by the German music producer KriNic.


1. Witch - Original Verison

2. Witch - Remix by KriNic

3. Witch - Classic Version by KriNic

4. Vampire - Sphere Remix by Krinic

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