The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench,
a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free,
and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.

- Hunter S. Thompson

When I first read these words –  a  loose quote from Thompsons' book “Generation of Swine” (where he actually talks about the TV-business) – in John Nivens' book “Kill Your Friends”, I realized how easy it is to summarize a whole business.

I once joked to a band on the phone that they would find us under “rip-off-record-label” on Wikipedia – and just later realized how fast these words can become truth.

The music business is broken. And we are not trying to fix it.

Rather we are trying to give a voice to musicians, who relentlessly put all their life and love into their music.

In 2008 we released an album of a rather unknown Swedish Metal band that went out to conquer the world with some innovations the western world music business hadn’t seen before.
We worked for months on one of the most amazing albums I have every worked on in my entire life – and then we sold 281 copies. Worldwide.
But we were all happy. Everybody understood that this was not music for the masses – that even genre specialists would have their problems with an album that was as hard to swallow as a pickaxe sideways for most of us.
But the ones who did love the album love it to this day. Like me.

Music and success is an important combination for everyone involved. The artist, the producers, the promoters and in the end the fans. But if everyone included understands “we do something different here” – success is measured in something else than sales figures.

2808-MGMT looks back at an almost 20 year career in the European music business.

We worked with some of the biggest chart acts and considered 250.000 sold albums a failure and sold 281 albums of that Swedish metal band and celebrated as if we just won a Grammy.

Each artist is different – and each artist needs a different approach.

  • We manage artists and get them record deals. Yes – in fact we worked with almost every major or important independent label in Europe and the rest of the world – but we also release music with our “a-la-Carte” catalogue on Rough Trade Distribution. Worldwide. Because sometimes an artist is not looking to sign off their right to a label who might loose interest after the first album dropped – or is simply changing management or style.
    We release digital and physical. CDs and DVDs. From Canada to South Africa. Japan to Denmark. More than 500 releases since 1995.

  • We also publish worldwide via our partners Concord and their subpublishers – but does that mean we don’t take that offer from the major publisher who would love to push our artist into some synchs? No. We do whatever is best for the artist.

  • We also promote our own tours. 2808-MGMT promoted more that 1200 shows in their 19 year career. We work as a European agent for the artists we work with – if they are in need of an agent, because their ticket sales might not interest the big players yet. We facilitated support tours for our artists with the biggest acts in indie, rock, metal and even dance music. Our artists have been touring with bands like “Linkin Park”, “HIM”, “Muse”, “Slayer”, “Machine Head”, “Staind”, “Papa Roach”, “Marilyn Manson”, “The Sounds”, “Mindless Self Indulgence” and others.
    They played the big festivals from The USA to Russia. South America to Australia.


You are independent – and you wanna stay so? We can help you manage your marketing budgets, find the right promoters in your target territory and help you promote that tour you booked a while ago – and now you are stuck finding your audience. We help you translate Facebook fans into customers and let them know when you come to town. We invite the press that you want writing about your show and we make sure that the local radio station tells the rest of the city about your amazing band paying their hometurf a visit.
We help you with that guerilla campaign – your social media efforts and we make sure that your amazing music video gets in front of the pluggers so you get a chance for your mom to call and say: “I saw you on TV last night.”

Please be aware that we believe strongly that EVERY MUSIC STYLE has a right to be heard, but due to capacity and our own abilities (how do you expect a rock fan to promote that jazz band of yours without expecting to fail) we might not be able to work with you. But if you send us your material and ask us for our honest opinion, we will give it to you. Maybe we even have that one tip that gets you in contact with the right people who can change your life.

mgmt (at)

Don’t hesitate to send us your questions. We are happy to meet and get to know you – because there is one thing for sure: The one thing that unites us is that music was our first love…

Daniel Heerdmann
CEO, 2808-MGMT


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