Project Rogue “Titans” release their first demo track on youtube

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Project Rogue “Titans” release their first demo track on youtube

The most ambitious metal project of 2014, Project Rogue “Titans”, led by Fear Factory Drummer Raymond Herrera, have released their first demo to the public.

The crowdfunded project sets out to change the way music is made by asking its fans to comment on early demos until the final album is done. The band promises: “Every band member will review the comments on both, Facebook as well as on youtube! This song is still in its early stages but we wanted to get something out to you all to let you know we are working on songs, structures, riffs and more.”

‘Disciple’ (working name) was written and performed by Raymond Herrera, Christian Olde Wolbers, Jed Simon and Pat Lachman

Please support Project Rogue – TITANS by going to the link below.–2

The following artists are confirmed for the projects first album recording “TITANS”

• Raymond Herrera – Fear Factory/Arkaea
• Shavo Odadjian – System Of A Down
• Chris Adler – Lamb Of God
• Rob Barrett – Cannibal Corpse
• John Boecklin – Devildriver
• Paul Masvidal – Death/Cynic
• David Davidson – Revocation
• Sean Reinert – Death/Cynic
• Jon Howard – Threat Signal/Arkaea
• Mitch Harris – Napalm Death
• Jed Simon – Scar The Martyr/Strapping Young Lad
• Frank Watkins – Obituary/Gorgoroth
• Wayne Static – Static X
• Christian Olde Wolbers – Fear Factory/Arkaea
• Pat Lachman – Damageplan
• Logan Mader – Machine Head/Soulfly
• JD Schmidt – Nociceptor
• Robert Luciani – Means End
• Vincent Zylstra – Synthetic Breed
• Andrew Zink – Akeldama
• Connor Reibling – Akeldama

The album TITANS is scheduled for a fall 2014 release on CD, Digipack-CD, Vinyl & Download.

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