Nox Interna – at the studio in Berlin

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Nox Interna – at the studio in Berlin

It has been several months of hard work, creating the new songs for the third album of Nox Interna. Robert Mueler, Tommy Krueger, Peter Geltat and I have been working in the songs that are being recorded right now.

Since last week we’ve been in the Tricone Studios in Berlin, where we are giving birth to our creations with the help of the engineers Rowan and Johnny.
The guitars are being carefully recorded by Peter (Holy Moses) who is giving everything to get a strong and melodic sound.

The drums have been recorded by our awesome friend Tobias Hass (Anne Clark…), the bass by Bora Öksüz, and for the voices, that are already finished, I had the amazing help of Reza Udhin (Killing Joke, Inertia…) for the pronunciation and some extra ideas for vocal lines and keyboards.

The production itself will begin in Norway this May by John Fryer. We are all really excited to have the final result on our hands, which could not have been possible without the help and heart of all of you.

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