The Crying Spell


The Crying Spell

Sometimes you have to take a big step back to the past in order to realize what lies in the future. Just like the Seattle, Washington-based quartet The Crying Spell: In the past year, the US formation could already convince German audiences as support act for Julien-K – and now they return with their retro future electro rock with the goal to stir up German stages again with brand new songs!

The Crying Spell are the future! Their mysterious band name sounds a bit like a “crying fit.” The moments when you just can’t stop shedding tears. And that’s exactly the feeling that is described best by the breeding mixture of infectious dark rock, sub-cooled wave, and scrunching electro influences, as TCS frontman Len Hotrum points out: “Sometimes you don’t just cry because you’re sad, but also of joy. And sometimes because of both.” And that is what makes the unique hybrid sound of the four Americans stand out: The ambivalence. The contrasts. The contrast between black and white, woes and joys, pure energy and profound emotions. Sometimes it’s all of the above, because crying and dancing at the same time is not impossible. At least not in the case of The Crying Spell!

Even though the name The Crying Spell is not that known here (yet), the four members already share a common career that spans over more than 20 years. The founding history reads like a typical teenager college fairytale: Back then, drummer Chase Culp and guitarist Eric Synder were looking for an appropriate singer in their hometown Seattle. Through a classic newspaper ad they eventually found Len Hotrum, who has taken over the vocal duties since then. Together they founded the gothic rock combo 6 Degrees in the late nineties, which was named among the most wooed US newcomer formations in 1998. There was a so-called “bidding war” of all renowned record labels happening around them, until their dream ended in the same year right at the fatal Black Friday when their label was sold to Universal Music, which made 6 Degrees become one of many bands who didn’t get to renew their contract with the new bosses.

However, this did not discourage the band that got back together under the name Point One shortly after, and continued releasing albums and touring in support of bands such as Godsmack, Sevendust, Buckcherry, and many others. Nevertheless they weren’t really happy – so they finally formed The Crying Spell along with bassist Jason T. Phraner after their last tour. It should become a more than productive constellation that lead to the release of their debut album “Through Hell To Heaven” in June 2010 which got a lot of praise in their home country. Stylistically inspired by mostly European acts such as early The Cure, Duran Duran, The Cult, The Cars, Gary Numan, and also by representatives of the world-famous Seattle sound, The Crying Spell have seen a growing international fanbase ever since. In the States, they already had the honor to share the stage with big names such as VAST, Thriving Ivory, Filter, Killing Joke, and Julien-K, the latter of which recently also took them out on tour in Europe.

After the release of their remix album „Apocolyptia“, The Crying Spell are currently working at full blast on their second full-length album. Some selected live appetizers will follow soon! While the debut featured an eclectic mix of new wave and rock, The Crying Spell have clearly developed their sound on the upcoming album. Modwave is the name that the band has chosen for their retro-futuristic hybrid style – somewhere between darkened wave influences à la Depeche Mode or The Cure and trendy dubstep and electronica elements by club acts like Skrillex or Deadmau5. Modern wave beyond all musical scenes for a new, open-minded generation of music listeners! For the mix of the new songs they could also win over none other than ex-Orgy / Julien-K guitarist Amir Derakh!

We’re totally looking forward to returning to Europe soon“, says frontman Len Hotrum. “The upcoming record could be described as a conceptual album. It was inspired by our last tours in Germany, England, Italy,… On the one hand there is a culture in Europe that’s been kept alive for thousand years, and on the other hand the people are very modern and have great views. We found that very inspiring and have learned to see the world through other eyes!”

The Crying Spell – a formation that will soon grace your ears with a lot of new stuff. The future starts: Now.