Nox Interna


Nox Interna

Internal Night, from latin “Nox Interna”, is a project created in Madrid at the end of 2007 by Richy Nox, together with Bea, Pablo and Aitor, members of his previous band, and Danny Lamberg, who joins the band at the end of 2008.

“XIII (Trece)”, the first band’s work, was recorded during the months of June and July 2008 at the “Sonido XXI” Studios, directed by the brothers Javi and Juanan San Martín. This first record, completely recorded in Spanish, had a great success in Spain and helped open doors in the German market, thanks to the artistic concept featuring this band, in which music and theater go hand-in-hand in all its compositions. In April 2009 this record was first released in Spain by Rimer Rock Record Label, and some months later in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, through Brainstorm Music.

After the presentation tour of “XIII (Trece)” through some Spanish cities, Nox Interna was involved in two different tours as support band: one in Spain with Cinema Bizarre and the other through different German cities with Lacrimas Profundere. After these last concerts, Brainstorm comes up with the idea of recording its new album in Germany, under Vincent Sorg and Henning Verlage’s production at the “Principal Studios” in Senden.

This fact changes the composition’s perspective, as they are looking forward to launching this work within an international spectrum with this second work, it is agreed that the vast majority of tracks will go in English to get closer to the public and a better understanding of the lyrics.

“I think what makes acceptable the decision of an artist, it’s the honesty he shows with himself and with the rest of the people,

When I composed “XIII (Trece)”, I didn’t think about changing the Spanish written lyrics for English at all, but if Fate brings me the opportunity to pursue any career abroad, I must do everything possible in order for Nox Interna to be understood by as many people as possible, so that my lyrics are valued and understood the way I want to, because they are part of me, they belong to my life. That’s why I decided to turn to English, although there are some Spanish songs, because, like I said several times before, it’s my mother’s tongue and I fully believe in the feeling it transmit.” Richy Nox

The composing of this new album is done along year 2010, this year, Aitor, band’s guitar, decides to leave the band to fully follow a musical teaching career and several other projects he had been working on for some time. Aitor Susperregui Zapata (aka: Tsuspe) took over his place with guitars, he was a friend and old backliner in Nox Interna.

The responsibility and commitment that means getting inside the German music industry, demand a high dedication to the band at its fullest. This makes Nox Interna to become a solo project with Richy Nox, although the concept of a band will be kept at concerts.

Due to the changes occurring during the recording process and the personal commitments of one of the producers, Henning Verlage, has with the German band “Unheilig”, the recording of this new record is delayed until April 2011, date in which Richy Nox, after a long working year, moves to “Principal Studios” in Senden, to finally give birth to “The Seeds Of Disdain”

“Working with two music geniuses as big as Vincent Sorg and Henning Verlage, has been a pleasure and made me very proud and has been one of the best experiences of my life”.
Richy Nox
Nox Interna