Aurelio Voltaire


Aurelio Voltaire

Meet VOLTAIRE – a true modern day renaissance man. With the looks of an “aristocratic pirate vampire”, he is a man of many talents: Not only is he an achieved musician, but also a performer, entertainer and creator of books, toys, and films – a complete one-man show!

Trying to label VOLTAIRE’s unique style is a tricky task; his songs bring together dark gothic cabaret and European folk songs in a delightfully morbid manner. Fancy a waltz? How about a headless one?

These lyrics are guaranteed to put a smile on that face… With a straight razor! Watching him perform is like having a good laugh with an old friend – presuming that this old friend drinks a liter of rum a night, dates zombie prostitutes and wrestles Krakens. With an act like this it’s no wonder he attracts both the children of the night and those charmed by the bizarre. Being invited to perform at the world’s biggest fantasy/sci-fi convention, DragonCon, year after year shows just how much your regular convention crowd loves him. He has also become a favorite at the Steampunk World’s Fair and the Whitby Gothic Weekend.

VOLTAIRE has been actively recording and touring for over 15 years, and released 10 full-length CDs so far; with a new one under way as we speak. However, he didn’t start his career as a musician, but as a stop-motion animator. Now, as a full-time musician/genius and professor at the School of Visual Arts inNew York, his love for stop-motion hasn’t died and his short films are shown at various film festivals.

Beginning toy designing wasn’t that big of a leap for VOLTAIRE – he had already created all kinds of figures for his stop-motion animations. His toys are created with the trademark VOLTAIRE mix of ghastly and adorable elements, which makes people almost dying to get them. Over the years VOLTAIRE has also had the pleasure of having many well-known people collaborating with him: For example Gerard Way (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE) and the soundtrack composer Danny Elfman have lent their helping hands for the making of a few of his short films, fantasy author Neil Gaiman contributed to a comic book of his and members of THE DRESDEN DOLLS appear on several of his albums.

VOLTAIRE is also an author, whose first novel The Call of the Jersey Devil has already gotten praise from the selected few who got a copy before the official release date on May 28th.
“Aurelio Voltaire continues his reign among the pantheon of Goth gods. Call of the Jersey Devil is sly and sweet, nasty and naïve, sulphurous and charming, witty, wooly, crackling with evil and stunning in its sincerity. What a read! Long live VOLTAIRE!”
–Caroline Thompson (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, The Addams Family)

His other works include Oh My Goth!, an absolute must-have in any dedicated goth’s book shelf, and a 6-issue comic book mini-series called Chi-Chian. Since its original release back in 1997 Chi-Chian has surfaced in many other forms: A role-playing game, web series, a Hot Wheels cars design, etc. Even a live action movie of the famous cult comic has been on the drawing table. VOLTAIRE’s constant stream of new ideas bubbling to surface and his fearlessness to try out new ways of doing things has made it possible for him to create all these things that so many people enjoy. You could even say his works together are a completely new world full of lovable evil creatures, entertaining horror stories of the macabre kind and some pretty damn catchy tunes. So grab a chair, sit down to hear his tales and… Welcome to Vorutania!