Artist Voltaire

Aurelio Voltaire

Meet VOLTAIRE – a true modern day renaissance man. With the looks of an “aristocratic pirate vampire”, he is a man of many talents: Not only is he an achieved musician, but also a performer, entertainer and creator of books, toys, and films – a complete one-man show! Trying to[…]


Black Map

Mark Engles: Guitar Chris Robyn: Drums Ben Flanagan: Vox/Bass


Death Valley High

Everybody experiences a rebirth at some point. It can be brutal, or it can be beautiful. It depends on how ready you are for that moment of change and evolution. Death Valley High definitely was prepared and willing. That brings us to their new album for minus HEAD Records the[…]



The year 2012 heralds the start of a new chapter in the ever-evolving ENGEL saga with the launch of their third and most epic new offering so far: Blood Of Saints. Once again legendary producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Hatesphere, Dark Tranquillity) had been called upon to continue developing the[…]



For their third full-length album, Up In Hell [minus HEAD Records], Incite took a look around. What they saw inspired the record’s intense, invasive, and infectious charge. Vocalist Richie Cavalera explains, “We live Up In Hell nowadays. The world is getting crazier all the time. Nothing seems like it’s getting[…]


Nox Interna

Internal Night, from latin “Nox Interna”, is a project created in Madrid at the end of 2007 by Richy Nox, together with Bea, Pablo and Aitor, members of his previous band, and Danny Lamberg, who joins the band at the end of 2008. “XIII (Trece)”, the first band’s work, was[…]

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Deep. Black. Powerful. Unzucht. With their third album, the four men from Lower Saxony, Germany, prove something. Within three years of hard work, they have succeeded in establishing their own niche. While the tattoos mass on the bodies of their devoted supporters, the growing army of fans often encounters a[…]


The Crying Spell

Sometimes you have to take a big step back to the past in order to realize what lies in the future. Just like the Seattle, Washington-based quartet The Crying Spell: In the past year, the US formation could already convince German audiences as support act for Julien-K – and now[…]



Following on from the success of 2012’s fan funded album We Created A Monster, Yashin are winding up for a huge 2014. We Created A Monster was recorded by Justin Hill (Taking Back Sunday, Young Guns) and self-released in June 2012 with fan funding through Pledge Music.  The album included[…]